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Smart Bumper Scuff Repair

Minor scuffs that may appear on your vehicles exterior trim and mouldings can make your vehicle unsightly and reduce its value. At Dent Magician are fully trained professional staff can remove these unsightly scuffs from bumpers, mirrors and exterior mouldings and restore the look of your car once again

Every Day Driving of your vehicle can lead to unsightly scuffs and scrapes on your cars bumpers. Dent Magicians team of experienced technicians only prepare the damaged areas of your vehicle, and use the Smart Repair technology and materials to seamlessly remove the affected area.

Before Scuff Repair   After Scuff Repair

By repairing only the damaged area, and not repainting whole body panel, smart repair is the ideal solution to scrapes, scratches, scuffs and dents on plastic bumpers, wings, mirrors and other body trim. The final results are amazing, you will be amazed with the quality and final result achieved by Dent Magician.

Bumper Scuff and Trim Repair
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