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Exterior Paint & Trim Protection

Protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it; namely UV rays produced by the sun which can fade paintwork, Fallout from trees, tree sap and salt on the roads are other contributors to fading and corrosion.

Supagard Protective Polymer Coatings
The whole idea behind paint sealant is to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it UV rays from the sun, which can fade paintwork fallout and acid rain which can damage the paint finish road salt and other contributors which can fade and corrode the surface.

Supagards advanced polymer sealants have been professionally applied to vehicles throughout the UK for over 20 years. Using the most up to date technology, Supargards protective coatings applied by Dent Magician will strengthen and protect modern day water and solvent based paint finishes from the worst that the elements can do. The unique formulas of Supagard products allow a one-off application that does not require top-ups or monthly conservers. Once applied, it's there to stay for at least 3 years.

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How does the Paint Sealant work?
Your car's paintwork is coated with a high tech polymer sealant that forms a tough, high gloss, deep transparent protective barrier on top of your paint. The Supagard protection seals the paint surface against harmful acid rain and atmospheric pollutants. For more information about Supagard protective coatings please call us or pop in and see us at Dent Magician.

Exterior Protective Coatings
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