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Smart Windscreen Repair

Chips in your windscreen are an MOT failure according to British Standards. Please check if your vehicles illegality by
reading the British Standard BS AU242a:1988. Dent Magician can repair most windscreen providing your vehicles windscreen is laminated.

Following damage size can be repaired according to BS AU251 (1994)
Zone A Damage up to 10mm        Zone B Damage up to 15mm
Zone C Damage up to 25mm        Zone D Damage up to 40mm

British Standards Institute BS AU251:1994 - Windscreen Repair

BS AU251:1994 was the first internationally recognised independent for windscreen repair systems. The individual tests that make up BS AU251:1994 reflect the requirements of rule EC43, the standard for windscreens. Therefore a repairs with a system that has passed BS AU251:1994 can be considered equal to the original glass. Esprit were the first windscreen repair company to pass BS251:1994. A summary of our results is shown below.

British Standards BS AU 242A:1998 - Windscreen Stone Chip Repair

This is not a performance test of windscreen repair equipment but a code of practice that gives guidance on what ca safely be repaired. The 1998 revision of BS AU242a:1998 bought the standard into line with the Department of Transports MOT test with regard to windscreen Repairs.

BS AU242a:1998 specifies that in order to carry out repairs that comply with its guidelines, you must use equipment that has passed BS AU251:1994. The Esprit system has done so, one of the many reasons that it is the system of choice of most leading windscreen & replacement companies.

  Windscreen chips are not only unsightly, they can also impair vision and lead to M.O.T. failure. Worse still, these chips often start to form cracks which can result in the windscreen failing. In some cases in colder climates, stone chips can retain water which once frozen expands and causes the chip to enlarge and again in some cases crack the screen resulting in an expensive inconvenient windscreen replacement.

Dent Magicians Windscreen chip repair works by injecting a hard, clear resin into the chip under high pressure, then our technicians burnishing and polishing the resin flush with the screen resulting in the area that was damaged being fully sealed and completely repaired.

If you get a chip in your screen, don't delay in calling Dent Magician because unless fixed straight away, you could be facing higher cost repairs and the inconvenience of a broken windscreen and wet interior in the morning.

Chipped Windscreen Repair
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